WinRAR zip



Price List



 USD per license

 Single User


$ 29


 Multi Users

 2 to 9 users

$ 21


10 - 24 users 

$ 16


25 - 49 users 

$ 13


50 - 99 users

$ 10


100 - 199 users 

$ 8


200 - 499 users 

$ 7


500 - 999 users 

$ 6

For large volumes above 1000 licenses please contact us for pricing.

For pricing in South African Rands please click here

To buy WinRAR directly with your credit card please click here.

To buy WinRAR by EFT please deposit the correct amount in our bank, banking details as below.

Procedure for buying WinRAR:
Choose the quantity you need to purchase. Make payment by credit card through the Setcom payment system or pay directly into our bank account as below by EFT, once the funds are cleared we will issue you with the license key/s. Please note orders are only processed during working days Monday to Friday.

Multi Users - For large volumes please email us

RAR multiple usage license. The user purchases a number of usage licenses for use, by the purchaser, the purchaser's employees or accredited agents, on the same number of computers. The number of licenses in network environment must not be less than the maximum possible amount of simultaneous users.

If you prefer to do an EFT  -  please use the banking details as below. 

Banking details:

Bank: FNB
Branch Code: 200110
Cheque Account number: 6234 899 2133

Only EFT payments are accepted. and subject to normal funds clearance by bank. Due to the nature of this product, payment is strictly upfront before delivery of the licence occurs.

Please email us proof of payment  to


Educational institutions get 25% discount, please contact us to find out if you qualify for the discount.

Valid Value added resellers get a discount, please email us with your client requirements.